VIA Was Invited to Iowa-China Business Forum and Its 15th Anniversary Celebration

2018-01-01 21:49:12   Publisher:VIA

On 22nd December 2017 Iowa-China Business Forum and its 15th anniversary celebration were held. Participants included Terry Brystad, former Governor of Iowa and current U.S. ambassador to China, Matt Baven, Governor of Kentucky, Kim Reynolds, Governor of Iowa, Bill Noci, Iowa Minister of Agriculture, Ken Kun, former US Ambassador and chairman of World Food Awards. In addition, many presidents of universities, corporate presidents, community leaders and outstanding students also attended. In the celebration, VIA was awarded with US-China Education Leadership Award by the Iowa state government and Iowa-China Business Forum.
Organizers: Iowa Chinese Association, Iowa-China Business Forum, Immigrant Entrepreneur Summit.
Sponsors: American Asian News Bureau, Sa Ying Account Firm, Kimberley Farm, PYLI, Ten Square International, Inc, US Education Without Borders.
The forum was held in the Embassy Club, which has a long history and is located in the center of Des Moines. Dozens of VIPs from different walks of life attended this forum.
An award process was specially designed to commend outstanding business leaders and institutions in Iowa and other American states which promoted US-China business and education cooperation. VIA was awarded with the US-China Education Leadership Award, which is a recognition and encouragement for VIA’s efforts to establish American high schools to build a platform for Chinese students to enter US colleges and universities and learn about American while also to promoting communication between Chinese and American teenagers.

Lu Wei, VIA’s President (second from right) receives the award.
From left to right: Ken Kun, Kim Reynolds, Terry Brystad, Lu Wei, Matt Baven.
The forum focused on the future of the US-China relationship, the effect of China’s reforms on American business, prospects for 2018 China business, the effect of China’s economic reform on the global economy, Chinese innovation and security policy, China’s international economic strategy and American responses.
Iowa is very close to China and has close co-operation with China in business as well as culture interaction. In 1980, Guangdong provincial secretary Xi Zhongxun visited Iowa. In 1985, Xi JInping, who was County Party Secretary of Zhengding, Hebei, at that time, with his team inspected Iowa agriculture. In 2012, Xi revisited Iowa as vice president, he visited Rick Kimberley’s farm, which is regarded as a model of American modern farms. Rick Kimberley visited China many times and established a model farm in Hebei, China. After the celebration, VIA’s president Lu Wei was invited to Kimberley’s farm together with some other participants. On the way to the farm Kimberley showed he really appreciates VIA’s success in introducing American education to China. Kimberley is also familiar with VIA China CEO, Dr. Chen who graduated from Iowa State University.

Rick Kimberley,  and Lu Wei

Rick Kimberley, Rick Kimberley’s wife and LuWei

This forum collects American high-quality resources of business, agriculture, culture and so on, which builds a platform for communication and cooperation. The government officials, members of the two chambers of commerce, business people, heads of chambers of commerce, experts and scholars, and all kinds of associations work together.
Mainstream media paid much attention to the forum. Media outlets which reported on the event included VOA, Des Moines Register, People’s Daily, AANB, World Journal, etc.

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