A part of the strategic plan of the VIA system is to connect our students with peers at schools in North America and their students with our students on VIA campuses in China. VIA has established academic partnerships with a number of institutions in the USA that have provided the opportunity for cross-cultural engagement through student exchanges and collaboration between VIA and them. Additionally, VIA has had one teacher who taught at Otter Valley Union High School and is now investing her experience into the VIA-Nansha Kunshan campus


Education Vermont USA (EDVTUSA) is a group of educational and training organizations in Vermont whose broad purpose is to connect international students with quality education and training in Vermont and to connect Vermont students with quality opportunities for international education and training abroad. EDVTUSA is the only education league in Vermont. It connects Vermont students with overseas study, internship and volunteering. It also aims at linking international education together with the Vermont economy.
EDVTUSA founding president, Dr. James Cross, is also dean of Vermont International Academy (VIA). VIA and EDVTUSA has reached a consensus on deep strategic cooperation. EDVTUSA fully supports VIA overseas education in curriculum research, teacher training, exchange students. Vermont schools like Otter Valley Union High School, Rice Memorial High School, and Burlington High School are VIA's partners. The two sides accept and recognize each other's credits, so VIA students can visit and study in these schools periodically and even transfer to partner schools if desired or necessary.



VIA expects to begin operation in the USA on the campus of Goodwin College in 2019. Goodwin College was established in 1962, is a private, nonprofit, four-year educational institution located in East Hartford, Connecticut. It issues bachelor's and master's diplomas and was granted accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The campus along the Connecticut River shares resources and has close a relationship in instructional cooperation with its affiliated K-12 schools inside the campus, including Connecticut River Academy (CTRA), a public high school famous for environmental science and advanced manufacturing, and Riverside Magnet School (RMS), an elementary and pre-school institution renowned for art and design study.



At Otter Valley Union High School, students can take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Otter Valley Union High School is 43 percent. The student body makeup is 54 percent male and 46 percent female and the total minority enrollment is 4 percent.



Champlain Valley Union High School is ranked 5th within Vermont. Students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement® course work and exams. The AP® participation rate at Champlain Valley Union High School is approximately 46 percent. The student body makeup is 53 percent male and 47 percent female with a total minority enrollment of 7 percent.



Burlington High School (BHS) prides itself on holding students to high academic and social expectations. It is known for being a welcoming place for students to learn and grow. All who come through their doors are encouraged to be the best they can be and to learn and grow in the framework of BHS graduate expectations:

·Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
·Effective Communication
·Cross-Cultural Understanding and Civic Engagement
·Personal Development
·Curiosity and Creativity

The devoted faculty is known for fostering a caring community while holding students to a high standard of academic performance. BHS believes in the philosophy of restorative practices as a foundation and holds treatment of all with respect as a core value. In addition to core academic courses, BHS offers opportunities for all students to participate and succeed in drama, athletics, academic competitions, music, visual arts and technology. The BHS community is never-endingly busy and a vibrant place for all to feel welcome.