Vermont International Academy Nansha Campus

VIA's Nansha campus is the first theme school established by Vermont International Academy. The school is located inside of the High-end office park and adopts the idea of "enclosed park, open school." This unique location provides students with a safe learning atmosphere alongside immediate access to a variety of high-tech business which are co-located within the park. VIA has developed partnerships with many of these businesses, allowing its students to gain firsthand, internship-level experience throughout the school year.

Utilizing an innovative combination of off-campus experiences and on-site workshops hosted by elite local and regional businessmen, VIA Nansha provides students with a unique, hands-on learning experience that cultivates creative thinking and accelerates their preparation for future careers in business and economics. Students are well-positioned to compete in national and international business competitions, increasing their exposure and interactivity with the larger world.

Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School- VIA Division

hanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School, sponsored by Shanghai Xujiahui Shangcheng group, is the first large private middle school built after the start of the Reform and Opening Up movement. Southwest Weiyu Middle School is among the best private middle schools in Shanghai and has achieved both a high teaching quality and a strong reputation in the communty. The school is frequently recognized in categories such as Shanghai Advanced Units of Moral Education, Shanghai Model School of Behavior Regulation, Shanghai Advanced Sports Collectives and National Excellent Private Middle School.

Shanghai Southwest Weiyu Middle School consists of 3 campuses, 60 classes and educates about 3000 students each year. To be in line with international standards, the school established a dormatory for foreign students in July 2006 and has welcomed students from 12 countries, including America, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Argentina, as well as students from the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. This department shows strong teaching strength and strives to grow the students into international talents with literacy, social responsibility and a broad world view. In the past few years, the VIA international department has developed a strong reputation as a premiere college preparatory program among a large number of American universities. Students from VIA have earned admission to many top universities and colleges in America, including Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University, Rice University, Emory University, and the University of California – Berkeley.

The Second Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University- VIA Division

The Second Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University is a boarding school with high standards. Located in University Town in Nanhui Science and Technology Park, the school covers an area of 150 acres and its school buildings occupy 150,000 m2. The campus is convenient to Shanghai Disneyland and Pudong International Airport. Consistent with the standards of 21st century learning, each classroom is equipped with computers, digital projectors and an interactive touch screen. What's more, the school provides four computer classrooms, a broadband network, double deck gymnasium, 400-meter standard track and field facility, and library. All these facilities together provide excellent learning and living conditions. This foreign language school regularly receives guidance from Shanghai Normal University Fundamental Center. In 2014, the school was awarded with "Pudong New Area Private High School Teaching Quality Award". Its colorful school life, international environment and variety of international high school programs attract many students.

After years of efforts by all VIA teachers, the SFLS campus has made dramatic achievements and became one of the first six schools in China to receive AdvancED certification from the United States. AdvancED, the world's most advanced education promotion organization, is one of the highest education evaluation agencies authorized by the U.S. Federal Department of Education. This certification system is the "golden standard" of the American education system.

VIA International Department's expert team consists of the project management team, curriculum experts, international teachers, Chinese teachers and student life service team. Professional course teachers are in strict accordance with the requirements of the United States Department of Education that they all have relevant US teaching qualifications and experience. The school is also equipped with experienced class teacher, responsible for students' daily management. All project staff including project management team, the Sino-US teacher team will receive professional training and related assessment.

Canadian International School Kunshan (CISK)- VIA Division

Founded in September, 2012, CISK is an affiliated school to St. John's-Kilmarnock School (SJK). It is also the first international school approved by Jiangsu Department of Education after Chinese Ministry of Education's adjustment in schooling policies. Yongjiu campus, adjacent to Duke University, Kunshan, is a new campus located in the north of Shuijing Avenue, Kunshan Yangcheng Lake Technology Park. This new campus will build up modern school buildings, music and art hall, library, both indoor and outdoor sports hall and buildings for both students and teachers. The school possesses an area of 193 acres and plans to establish kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and international communication center in 3 years to provide Canadian fundamental education service to school-age students from different countries and regions. The school works hard to build "a school community full of enthusiasm and love", ensures that the students can learn and enrich their knowledge, keep healthy, strengthen social consciousness and social responsibility and enhance artistic sentiment.

CISK's VIA international department have created many opportunities for cultural development and international communication.

Experimential School Affiliated to Guangzhou University- VIA Division

Experimental School Affiliated to Guangzhou University was founded in 1998, covers an area of 103 acres, with building area of more than 50,000 square meters.

The instructional and living facilities are completely consistent with the province-level standards for school building. The students live in bright dormitories and can make use of libraries, computers, internet, multi-media, science museum, all kinds of labs and function rooms in the school. It also provides first-class sports facilities to make sure that the students can develop their interests in sports and get enough exercise to keep fit.

Through the introduction of the American high school curriculum and dynamic instructional style, as well as education methods that focus on students' ability to gain practical knowledge, VIA enables students at all levels of learning to fully experience the different education modes of East and West as well as to appreciate the differences between Eastern and Western cultures while inheriting their native Chinese culture. The school is committed to cultivating globalized talents with a cross-cultural perspective, and enhancing international competitiveness. The VIA program is designed to provide students of all levels of learning with the potential to receive quality U.S. higher education. Through this program, students who plan to go to the United States for higher education will be fully prepared in terms of language, cultural habits, learning styles and practical life skills. VIA will also provide remote support for students through the successful completion of their university education in the United States.

The School Affiliated to Xiamen Institute of Technology - VIA Division

The school affiliated to Xiamen Institute of Technology is a high-end private school, spanning kindergarten, primary school, middle school and international senior high school. In 2017, the school was approved to enroll junior high school graduates and welcomed Vermont International Academy to its campus.

The VIA international department creates a colorful extracurricular life for the students, encourages them to develop their personality and promotes deep consideration of social values, ethics and life philosophy.

Goodwin College

Goodwin College, established in 1962, is a private, nonprofit, four-year educational institution located on One Riverside Drive, in East Hartford, Connecticut. It issues bachelor's and master's diplomas and was granted accreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The campus along the Connecticut River shares resources and has close a relationship in instructional cooperation with its affiliated K-12 schools inside the campus, including Connecticut River Academy (CTRA), a public high school famous for environmental science and advanced manufacturing, and Riverside Magnet School (RMS), an elementary and pre-school institution renowned for art and design study.

Students and teachers in CTRA can fully utilize Goodwin College's facilities and its intelligent manufacturing laboratory equipment which were sponsored in large part by local famous industrial enterprises like Hewlett-Packard Engine Company. No matter whether in advanced manufacturing and environmental science or in-class and extracurricular activities, students and teachers in CTRA always have access to the most advanced theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Additionally, the students in CTRA can take up to 30 undergraduate credits at Goodwin College free of charge. To earn credit, the students are held to the same attendance and examination standards as their undergraduate counterparts. This early access to genuine college courses gives students a significant advantage both in the college application process and in their readiness for success as college students in the future.

RMS's qualified pre-school education helps to build an ideal training base for Goodwin College's teachers and students majoring in pre-school education. The cooperation model between CTRA and Goodwin will be extended to VIA's newly established campus at Goodwin. VIA and CTRA accept credits earned at either school and students in both schools can select courses in the other. Finally, the Goodwin College and RMS early childhood center will collaborate further through the existing strategic partnership between VIA and Yale University.

Otter Valley Union High School (OVUHS)

Otter Valley Union High School (OVUHS) is one of the most famous schools in Vermont. Principal James Avery has fostered a close relationship with China. He has visited a number of educational institutions in China, attended academic exchange activities and dedicated funding specifically for hiring professional staff to teach Chinese language and culture courses at Otter Valley. OVUHS is one of few senior high schools in Vermont which teaches Chinese as a foreign language. Students selecting Chinese courses in OVUHS have made friends and chatted with VIA students in China for more than one year through live video chat sessions.

Both Connecticut and Vermont are in the northeast of America and have highly developed public education resources, with each state ranked in the top 5 nationwide for K-12 public education in the past several years. Thanks to VIA's physical presence at two sites in the northeast US, VIA students have the freedom to choose a home campus and customize their high school experience. For example, the students enrolled at VIA campuses in China can go abroad and study at VIA in America for a semester or a year. They can finish the VIA curriculum in an English immersion environment while absorbing and adapting to American culture and atmosphere. Meanwhile, they can take American university courses and in this way get themselves prepared for entering American universities. Dr. James Cross, founding president of VIA, explained that the plan will initiate in Jan 2019, when a group of VIA students will enter these two campuses set in Goodwin College and Otter Valley Union High School. The size of this first group of students will be between 10 and 20. OVUHS's principal, James Avery, mentioned that this is the first time that a Chinese-American school partnership has been established in Vermont and that VIA's new campus provides the American students with opportunities to study Chinese culture and learn Chinese language. The students in American schools which cooperate with VIA also have an opportunity to study at VIA campuses in China.

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