VIA Curriculum

VIA uses Common Core Standard common used in America. It is based on most advanced teaching philosophy and outline and aims at getting senior high school students prepared for study in college and get them competitive in future global economic competition. Below is a sample

Home Center 10

Home Center 11

Home Center 12

Language Art and Literature

American Literature
British Literature

World Literature I 

World Literature II


Math 10

Math 11

Math 12

Physical Science

Experimental Biology

Experimental Chemistry

Experimental Physics

Social Science

American History & Vermont History

World History I

World History II

Arts and Humanities


Art History I

Art History II


Chinese Literature and Geography

Chinese Culture and History

Chinese Culture and Civics

Sports and Health

Health/Sports 10

Sports 11

Sports 12

Knowledge Nature

Environment and Sustainable Development

Theory of Human Knowledge 


Social Practice Program

Social Practice Program

Social Practice Program

Social Practice Program






  • VIA uses Carnegie Unit which is common used in American senior high schools. The unit was developed in 1906 as a measure of the amount of time a student has studied a subject. For example, a total of 120 hours in one subject—meeting 4 or 5 times a week for 40 to 60 minutes, for 36 to 40 weeks each year—earns the student one "unit" of high school credit. Carnegie Unit is considered an effective measurement by many American universities and students can get the diploma after collecting 22 units.
  • As for marking, VIA uses GPA (Grade Point Average). And VIA also provides optional courses like Art, Music, Tennis, Computer Technology and introduces AP in grade 11 and 12.
  • Grading system: VIA assigns grades of A, B, C, D and F, which is a common used grading system in America. This system makes American university application and exchange programs easier and convenient. For grading, class assignments count 20%, Mid-term and Final examinations 20%, unit tests 20%, quiz and presentations 20% and other performance, including attendance, speak and group work together count 20%
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