VIA (Vermont International Academy) was founded in June 2011 as a private American high school. It was the first US school that was approved by the state government of Vermont in the US for overseas education with issuing US high school diploma. VIA has been working closely with top Chinese high schools offering VIA international curriculum which combines advantages of Chinese and US high school education. The VIA international curriculum inspires comprehensive development, the awareness of social responsibility, innovation and communication skills.
VIA History
The governor of Vermont Peter Shumlin wrote a letter to the principle of Shanghai Datong High School asking for the launch of VIA International Program. July 2011, Dr. James P. Cross, the founding chair of Education Vermont USA visited Datong High School to discuss the "The Hundred Thousand Strong"intiative program with the officials from the Bureau of Education Huangpu District Shanghai and the leadership of Shanghai Datong High School.
The leadership of Shanghai Datong High School visited two public high schools in the State of Vermont with governor, the director of state education department, the director of state business department, Chamber of Commerce in Champlain and the president of Champlain College.
VIA Datong High School campus opened in September 2012 with a total enrollment of 52 students, including 46 Chinese students and 6 American Exchange students. VIA offered students with five basic English speaking courses and three traditional Chinese courses.
The Consul General of the US Consulate Shanghai Robert Griffiths、 the Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development of Vermont Lawrence Miller 、the Deputy of Huangpu District Shanghai, Cheng Xiaoyu、Party Secretary of CPC Committee, Bureau of Education, Huangpu District Shanghai、the Director of Bureau Education of Huangpu District Shanghai – Wang Weiming、the Deputy Director of Bureau Education of Huangpu District Shanghai – Cao Genlin. Both parties reached the agreement and signed the MOU for education development co-operations between State of Vermont and Shanghai Huangpu District.
The Second Foreign Language School Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University VIA International Division began. Shanghai South West Weiyu High School VIA International Division began.
VIA has signed agreement with Duke University, providing VIA students with bridging program including Duke Summer School (credit).
VIA was authorized by AdvancED – a renowned largest community of education professionals in the world.

The first VIA graduates from Shanghai Datong High School were admitted into world famous universities according to US News Ranking. 60% students received offers from Top 50 US Universities. 98% students received offers from Top 100 US Universities.

VIA completed reorganization and established the Board and leadership of VIA. VIA set up Shanghai office as the headquarters of Greater China Region.
Canadian International School of Kunshan VIA International Division began.
The class of 2017 of Shanghai South West Weiyu High School and Second Foreign Language High Affiliated to Shanghai Normal University has shown the best performance of VIA Graduates. Some of our students have received offers from Elite Universities such as Johns Hopkins University, Rice University, Cornell University, UC Berkeley and Grinnell College.
VIA Nansha Campus began. The Affiliated School of Xiamen Institute of Technology VIA International Division began.
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