Wei Lu

-Chairman of VIA

-Chairman of Veritas Education Group

-Northeastern Univ, MBA

-Univ. of Connecticut, MS

-Shanghai Jiaotong Univ. Bachelor of Management

-Senior VIP of the Blackstone Group

-VP of Oppenheimer Asset

--Investment banking Division VP, Bank of New York

James P. Cross

-Founding President of VIA

-Faculty Fellow, Yale University

-President, Education Vermont USA

-University of Geneva, PhD

-Associate Provost, Prof. of International Relations, Champlain College Prof. of International Relations

-Consultant to the US Department of State and the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development

-Visiting Prof of Wuhan University

Harry Chaucer

-A leading US education expert

-Expert at US Common Core curriculum

-VIA provost

-Winner of White House Outstanding Teacher Award

-Teacher of the Year, National Biology Teaching Association

-Klingenstein Fellow, Columbia Univ.

-Da Vince Curriculum designer

-University of Vermont, PhD

Zhaojun Chen

-Executive Director of VIA China operations

-PhD from Iowa State Univ., BS from Shanghai Fudan Univ.

-CTO of StudentUniverse.com

-CTO of Digitas

-Project manager, Senior Consultant to Fidelity Investment, Starwood Hotel Group, US Federal Transportation Dept.

Ian Mortimer

-Responsible for promoting VIA

-VP, overseeing college counselling

-Former admission office

John Collins

-VIA Academic Consultant

-Education Ph.D.

-Dean OF Harvard University Education Department

-Mentor of Harvard University Education Department Freshman, Harvard University

-Chief of Harvard University Education Department Library

-Editor of《The Greenwood Dictionary of Education》

Chris DelVecchio

-VIA Director of Academics

-Columbia University, Master of Education

-Certified US History and Math Teacher

  • Shanghai headquarters in China
  • 5A Catic Building, 212 Jiangning Road, Shanghai
  • 0086-21-31761686
  • info@vermontia.org