Teaching philosophy

Common Core Standard is a golden standard for American modern education. It aims at providing students with a clear and consistent study standard which can also give parents and teachers suggestions about how to help students.
Based on most advanced teaching philosophy, Common Core Standard is rigorous and reasonable, it states knowledge and skills required to enter universities and making achievements in career. It is designed to get students prepared for future global economic competition. And most states in America accept and use Common Core Standard, like Massachusetts, New York, California and so on.
Common Core Standard attaches the same importance to content and skills.
VIA uses Carnegie Unit which is common used in American senior high schools. The unit was developed in 1906 as a measure of the amount of time a student has studied a subject. For example, a total of 120 hours in one subject—meeting 4 or 5 times a week for 40 to 60 minutes, for 36 to 40 weeks each year—earns the student one "unit" of high school credit. Carnegie Unit is considered an effective measurement by many American universities and students can get the diploma after collecting 22 units.
As for marking, VIA uses GPA (Grade Point Average). VIA also provides optional courses like Art, Music, Tennis, Computer Technology and introduces AP in grade 11 and 12.


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