The Common Core Standards (CCS) are the current bar for American modern education and by which college readiness is measured. CCS aim at providing students with a clear and consistent study standard that offers metrics by which their teachers measure academic progress through assessment and evaluation of students in courses across the curriculum. CCS also gives parents and students insight into the standards by which student learning is measured and grades are earned that reflect academic progress and growth.
Based on most advanced teaching philosophy, Common Core Standards are rigorous yet attainable standards of learning that demonstrate knowledge and skills required to enter universities and making achievements for the next step in one's academic career. They are designed to prepare learners for future global realities in the marketplace. Most state boards of secondary education have accepted and adhere to the Common Core Standards to measure learning outcomes and use them to measure academic health of students, student cohorts, schools, and school systems.
Common Core Standards attach equal importance of information and knowledge to knowhow and applied learning and skills-skillsets. Beyond CCS, VIA utilizes the Carnegie Unit, which is another commonly accepted measure of academic performance by American senior high schools. A Carnegie Unit determines the minimum amount of learning time in a learning environment that is required for a student to earn a credit in courses across the curriculum. 120 hours is the minimum Carnegie Unit required to earn credit, but VIA exceeds the Carnegie Unit to insure higher rigor and active learning of our students.
GPA is determined by quality points earned in standard, honors, and AP© or verified college level courses. The three frameworks for courses are weighted according to rigor and are indicated in the curriculum overview and course descriptions. Each student has a potentially different maximum GPA. VIA determines ranking not only by GPA, but also buy what percentage of potential GPA a student achieves, which levels the true assessment of measuring academic progress and growth.


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