John Dewey, the profound American Educationalist grew up in Burling, Vermont, US. He graduated from Vermont University and received his Ph. D from John Hopkins University. His life has witnessed the development of American Education. He spent his academic career lecturing at Columbia University and Chicago University, and was appointed as the Dean of School of Education at Chicago University. His concept of pragmatism became unique phenomenon of American culture including his famous words "Education as Life, School as Society". In 1919, he gave lectures successively in Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other cities, spreading his educational theory into China.

And it is right based on Dewey's theory that VIA will continue what Mr. Dewey has not accomplished, will run through his core value of education comprehension while managing the teaching of VIA from beginning to the end.

The differences between VIA and traditional College Preparatory Schools
Traditional College Preparatory School
Emphasis on using information in unpredictable situations
Emphasis on accumulation of knowledge
Emphasis on discerning problems that should be solved
Emphasis on solving problems
Emphasis on balanced relationship between math, science and humanities
Emphasis on science and math
Emphasis on knowledge
Emphasis on acquiring knowledge
Emphasis on innovation
Emphasis on imitation and innovation
Emphasis on effective and perfect solutions
Emphasis on constructive solutions
Emphasis on knowledge source
Emphasis on results of study
Emphasis on abilities of understanding and insight
Emphasis on discerning and memorizing of knowledge and information
Pursuit of harmonious development in integrated culture of Chinese and western culture
Emphasis on Chinese theories or western theories
Emphasis on world history and literature
Emphasis on Chinese history and literature or western history and literature
Emphasis on college preparatory work
Emphasis on college preparatory work
Relying on reason, thesis and evidence
Relying on authority
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