DP is looking forward to a memorable school year!

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Grade 12 students returned to school this week for what is going to be a very important school year for them. They will be finalizing their university applications, sitting the final IB Diploma Programme* examinations in May 2023, and graduating from secondary school, which is a very meaningful milestone in their lives.
“I am very excited after my first days of Grade 12 and looking forward to the rest of it because all the teachers I met were really friendly!
Says Nina, one of the twelve graders

That opinion is shared by her classmate, Wilson, who added:
“What impresses me the most is that our  teachers always want to know more about us and about our learning styles. I just feel that they genuinely want to help us achieve our best in every subject, and enable us to enter good universities.

When asked about their expectations and plans for this very important school year, Alicia stated:
“Whether it may be in academics or for outside activities, my goal is to push forward, (or should I say upward), more than I have ever done before. I also want to work on myself, be a better communicator, and be more reflective.

Mike and Jenny very well summed up what their classmates were thinking by saying that in their last year of high school. They expect to do their best to complete all the requirements of the Diploma Programme, and to experience this final high school year whole heartedly.
Mike 和Jenny非常好地总结了他们同学的想法。他们说在高中的最后一年里,他们都期望尽最大的努力完成IB课程的所有要求,并将全身心投入这最后一年的高中学习生涯。
We are all set and looking forward 
to a memorable school year!
* The IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a programme for students aged 16 to 19 that is highly regarded by leading universities across the globe. Research shows that DP students are better able than their peers to cope with demanding workloads, manage their time, and meet the expectations placed on them.
*IBDP课程是国际文凭组织(IBO)在综合各国课程优势的基础上,为具有较强学习动机的16~19岁学生设计的。 IBDP 学生因其超高的学术水平而受到全球一流大学的尊重。研究表明,与其他为这个年龄层设计的课程相比,IBDP具有很多优势,学生比同龄人更有能力应对富有挑战性的工作、高效率地管理时间来达到他们的预期的目标。


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