Knowledge,Innovation and Global Understanding
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Emphasis on using information in unpredictable situations

Emphasis on discerning problems that should be solved

Emphasis on balanced relationship between math, science and arts

Emphasis on using math and science as tools for innovation and creativity

Emphasis on knowledge, know how problem solving and intellectual growth

Emphasis on innovation

Emphasis on effective and perfect solutions

Emphasis on abilities of understanding and insight

Pursuit of rigorous American education in a Chinese cultural context

Emphasis on world history and literature

Emphasis on college preparatory work in courses across the curriculum

Relying on reason, thesis and evidence

Common Core Standard is a golden standard for American modern education. It aims at providing students with a clear and consistent study standard which can also give parents and teachers suggestions for parents and teachers about how to help students.

Based on most advanced teaching philosophy, Common Core Standard is rigorous and reasonable, it states knowledge and skills required to enter universities and making achievements in career. It is designed to get students prepared for future global economic competition. And most states in America accept and use Common Core Standard, like Massachusetts, New York, California and so on.

Common Core Standard attaches the same importance to content and skills...

About Us

VIA (Vermont International Academy) was founded in June 2011 as a private American high school. It was the first US school that was approved by the state government of Vermont in the US for overseas education with issuing US high school diploma. VIA has been working closely with top Chinese high schools offering VIA international curriculum which combines advantages of Chinese and US high school education. The VIA international curriculum inspires comprehensive development, the awareness of social responsibility, innovation and communication skills...

VIA Curriculum

VIA assigns grades of A, B, C, D and F, which is a common used grading system in America. This system makes American university application and exchange programs easier and convenient. For grading, class assignments count 20%, Mid-term and Final examinations 20%, unit tests 20%, quiz and presentations 20% and other performance, including attendance, speak and group work together count 20%...